Peer-to-Peer Support

Whether you are an individual in recovery from substance use disorder, a parent, partner, or concerned friend you will find peers who understand the unique challenges you face.​

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit, grassroots, peer-led recovery community in Orange County, CA. We connect with local, state, and national recovery communities to support long term recovery.​

Get Involved

Contribute financially, advocate for recovery, attend one of our workshops, or become a peer recovery specialist. You will make a real difference for long term recovery!

"Recovery coaching has helped me by being there for me when going through my past trauma and emotions that sometimes come to me and hit me very deep in my soul." - JDR
"I have been sober 82 days. It has been 15 years to get to this amount of time. I’ve tried countless times to get sober by going to meetings. I just couldn’t stay sober. I finally  committed to a rehab facility and now doing aftercare which includes peer support services. The Purpose of Recovery has really helped break it down for me. My addiction makes more sense to me now in a way that I really never understood. I’m learning to go easier on myself and to get out of my fear. This is not easy but with my coaches help I feel more hopeful.  I can honestly say this program is saving my life." - Jill

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