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"The Story Circle was inspired by oral storytelling traditions. The format we'll be using was created by John O'Neal, of The Free Southern Theatre, as a way to engage communities and address oppression.

The first round features a "talking object" and a prompt for a story about a topic of interest. Each person takes turns introducing themselves and telling a short 2-minute story in response to the prompt. There is no cross-talk or conversation at this time. A timekeeper keeps track for everyone. 

The second round includes optional 1 min cross-talk responses from each person in the group. 

Round 3 is the "closure round" where the group is asked to discuss the themes, commonalities, and possible solutions that came up."

Please RSVP for the Story Circle ASAP if you plan on attending!

Questions? Contact us at 714-485-3772/info@tpor.org

<![CDATA[TPOR OPEN HOUSE, PEER STORY CIRCLE, FOOD AND PRIZES]]>Fri, 24 Feb 2023 01:10:17 GMThttp://thepurposeofrecovery.org/thepursposeofrecoverynewscopy/tpor-open-house-peer-story-circle-food-and-prizes Picture

<![CDATA[the purpose of recovery open house - march 1st]]>Wed, 22 Feb 2023 19:51:30 GMThttp://thepurposeofrecovery.org/thepursposeofrecoverynewscopy/the-purpose-of-recovery-open-house-march-1st
Parking available behind offices and liquor store.
Questions? Contact us at 714-485-3772/info@tpor.org

<![CDATA[GRIEF & Loss SUPPORT GROUP]]>Tue, 31 Jan 2023 04:46:08 GMThttp://thepurposeofrecovery.org/thepursposeofrecoverynewscopy/grief-loss-support-group]]><![CDATA[Meeting Space Available at New Office]]>Tue, 24 Jan 2023 23:45:14 GMThttp://thepurposeofrecovery.org/thepursposeofrecoverynewscopy/meeting-space-available-at-new-officeThe Purpose of Recovery has meeting space available for 12-Step and other Community Meetings 7 Days a Week! Picture
​Space Available after March 6, 2023
Capacity: 55 people
Cost: Negotiable and Reasonable
Location: 131 N. Tustin Ave., Suite 101, Tustin, CA 92780
Contact us today for more information!

<![CDATA[fREE nARCAN tRAINING aVAILABLE]]>Fri, 06 Jan 2023 22:55:13 GMThttp://thepurposeofrecovery.org/thepursposeofrecoverynewscopy/free-narcanr-training-available
​NARCAN® is a potentially lifesaving medication designed to help reverse the effects of an opioid overdose in minutes. Most opioid overdoses occur in the home. Having a NARCAN® rescue kit nearby can make all the difference. If you or your organization needs Narcan Training please contact us to schedule 714.485.3772All participants will receive Narcan.
<![CDATA[The Purpose of Recovery is Moving!]]>Fri, 06 Jan 2023 21:59:27 GMThttp://thepurposeofrecovery.org/thepursposeofrecoverynewscopy/the-purpose-of-recovery-is-moving

Save the Date for our Open House!
When: Wednesday, March 1st. Tours starting at 9 am
Appetizers & Drinks from 4 pm - 7 pm
 Connect with peers & staff 
Learn about our programs
 *Peers & Alumni invited to a story circle facilitated by The Phoenix (6 pm -7 pm)
Where: 131 N. Tustin Ave., Suite 100-101, Tustin, CA 92780

<![CDATA[Letter from the Executive Director]]>Wed, 04 Jan 2023 19:22:11 GMThttp://thepurposeofrecovery.org/thepursposeofrecoverynewscopy/letter-from-the-executive-directorPicture
Reflecting on 2022 and Opportunities for 2023

It’s hard to believe the holiday season has come and gone, with the New Year starting. I want to take this time to thank all of our community partners and wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2023. At TPOR we have made great strides in 2022.  This is also the time that we, as a nonprofit organization, take stock of the year gone by and get ready to start implementing fresh initiatives for the New Year.

At The Purpose of Recovery, 2022 has been an incredible year for us as we have grown in the community and our organization. Below are just a few achievements TPOR attained in 2022.

  • Another successful Recovery Rally
  • Obtained new offices
  • Created many new relationships in the community
  • Doubled our services from last year
  • Started Family Peer Coaching 
  • Began Youth & Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) Groups
  • Hired new staff

Our staff members and executive team have worked together to support and guide the peers and community partners receiving our coaching support, improving their recovery journey and coaching experience. Listening to the needs of those we serve has led to the growth of our offerings and new services, such as Youth Services, Youth Peer-to-Peer Coaching, All Recovery Groups, MAT Groups, AA/NA Groups, Al Anon Groups, Family/CRAFT Groups. 

Additionally, I would like to thank those who have made this past year possible. First to our TPOR Family, who has worked so hard, I've been proud to be part of this organization alongside you. Secondly, to all our peers who have joined us on this journey. And last, but certainly not least, our valued contributors; we appreciate all of the connections, resources, and hard work that you dedicate to our community. We look forward to working with all of you moving forward. 

Finally, if it were not for the sponsorship, we receive from the foundation we would not be able to do this work in our community. For that we are grateful.  

Susan Emerson, Executive Director

<![CDATA[Working with a Peer Coach has Changed My Life!      Peer testimonial]]>Fri, 30 Dec 2022 08:00:00 GMThttp://thepurposeofrecovery.org/thepursposeofrecoverynewscopy/working-with-a-peer-coach-has-changed-my-life-peer-testimonialEver since I started working with a peer coach at TPOR my life has changed drastically in the most positive way. When I started I didn't know how to navigate anything from scheduling appointments to getting and holding a job and even stable housing. In working with a peer coach I have been able to examine not only the basics of life but to dig deeper into feeding my spirit and having meaningful relationships. I am truly able to live a healthy lifestyle and now have the ability to navigate the life that once seemed so overwhelming. My peer coach Tracey has been with me through hell or high water, encouraging and helping me pick myself up off the floor. Each week we work on tasks and each week I get the feeling of accomplishment that makes me move towards bigger goals. This relationship is unparalleled to any experience I have had and truly has been pivotal in my recovery over the last year and a half. I am so grateful to TPOR for being a service that has helped to save my life.