The Purpose of Recovery is a non-profit, 501c3 recovery community organization (RCO) in Orange County that serves individuals and families in recovery from substance use disorder. 

And while we do not have a physical space, we engage individuals and families on virtual platforms, one-on-one, and in small group settings throughout Orange County.

Our Values

  • We Are Inclusive: We believe all pathways to long-term recovery are valid, we augment rather than replace treatment and recovery modalities and programs
  • We Restore Hope: We demonstrate that recovery is real and possible; people can overcome and have fulfilling, purposeful lives
  • We Are Strengths-Based: We leverage each person’s natural capabilities when helping them create their own long term recovery plan
  • We Are Person-Centered: We focus on the human first rather than their challenges, promoting mutual respect and destigmatizing language
  • We Promote Safety: We strive to create an environment & community of physical and mental safety
  • We Support Empowerment: We believe in self-direction, providing a framework and support for individuals to take ownership of their choices and lives in recovery
  • We Collaborate Wholeheartedly: Our effectiveness depends on being part of a connected and thriving ecosystem of support services in our community
  • We Seek to Understand: By listening to people instead of making assumptions, we cultivate cultural humility
  • We Focus on Wholeness: Our holistic approach to wellbeing includes physical, emotional, relational, financial, legal, and other aspects of life that need to be restored
  • We Are Trauma-informed: We seek to know and understand the root causes of substance use to provide more effective support and authentic connection
  • We Practice Ethics and Transparency: We believe in the importance of shared responsibility and honest, timely communication
  • We Are Committed to Building Recovery Capital: We strive to continually improve and expand services available to recovering individuals and their families

Founded in 2020 by parents, supporters, and individuals in long term recovery, The Purpose of Recovery encourages family, friends, and supporters to join us in our grassroots efforts to inspire hope in the hearts of those impacted by substance use disorder.  

All programs are provided free of charge.  Therefore we depend on the generosity of donors, grants, volunteers, and community individuals to provide support to further recovery efforts.

Please contact us for information on becoming involved in supporting long term recovery