Find the Joy!

Find the Joy!

I woke this morning with one day left in 2020. It was a year that surely altered and illuminated our times. In a recent blog, I referenced Harry Potter’s weird world. If you are familiar with Potter’s world, in 2020, we had our own Voldacovid and all those dementors flying about. We had no magic wands— and the spells were all on us. What to do? Find a task. Find a cause. Find the Joy. 

Donella C. and I first spoke on April 9 and imagined and spoke about an RCO or two in Orange County—and the train left the station. In my mind, with Donella as engineer and Janie as conductor, this was the Recovery Bolder Express. Of course, I contributed some experience and communication about staying on the track but mainly loved the ride. Working virtually, We paused at stations for needs and deeds, but our destination was Costa Mesa on October 13, for the introduction of The Purpose of Recovery—TPOR. 

TPOR gathered for the first time and met, masked and in person, from 6 feet away in Costa Mesa, California.   We found the Joy.  As I recall 2020, October 13 was my most joyous day of the year, filled with hope and literal togetherness. TPOR founders had the virtual opportunity to speak of the joy and happiness of recovery as discovered through The Purpose of Recovery. The food and accommodations through the day were outstanding as well as the company who enjoyed them. I closed my eyes, did a review, and called it most memorable and filled with the joy shared by all.  

As you know, this train and any different recovery train is no express, just moving, sustained, progress for those continuing the journey.  No ticket to ride. Just stay aboard and enjoy what is the trip of a lifetime.  I’ll be loving the ride with you and all the fellow riders. 

Merlyn Karst – Recovery Ambassador