Our Team

Dallas Snell
Family, Service, Integrity

I once heard the phrase "Eulogy Virtues versus Resume Virtues" as a way to understand what is most important to us. Eulogy virtues become the north star that guides our way, that drive the actions we are proud to be remembered for at the end of our life. For me, realizing that service to those in need, from a foundation of personal integrity, were my core eulogy virtues, my north star. When I fully realized this, I was able to walk away from a 35+ year career in software technology to join the field of Peer Recovery Support, to help make a difference in the lives of those in need, a life direction that fills me with a deep sense of meaning and purpose. My greatest achievements in life are...

1) my three children, now grown, with families of their own,
2) developing the Habits of Happiness life coaching material from the collective fields of happiness, well-being, and meaningfulness (see www.HabitsofHappinesscom), and
3) achieving long-term, successful recovery after 30+ years of alcohol use, including changing a 35+ year career to the more meaningful pursuit of Peer Recovery Support.