Peer-to-Peer support

recovery peers support your recovery so you can...

  • Have a life again after SUD, regain hope and discover purpose
  • Mend relationships and restore trust
  • Have self-efficacy, become self-directed, make healthy choices in alignment with recovery action plan
  • Reinstate family, finances, and functionality in society
  • Have a safe place to spend time, relax, and socialize
  • Have access to peers and professionals who understand their experience and can provide compassionate support
  • Gain insight into the full impact of SUD and have resources to address challenges in a practical way
  • Get support to improve physical, mental, and emotional well being
  • Become part of the community, help others heal


  • Have greater sense of peace
  • Understand more about what is happening and how to help their loved one
  • Have support and resources to practice better self-care
  • Release self-blame
  • Gain access to peers who can offer emotional and practical support
  • Have a greater wellbeing and a more enjoyable, and fulfilled life that prioritizes home/health/purpose/community
  • Move forward instead of feeling stuck and hopeless
  • Connect with community and professional resources to help them and their loved one

Complete the form below to learn more about peer-to-peer and family support for individuals and their families impacted by substance use disorder.  A recovery/family peer will respond within 3 business days.