Who We Are

REcovery Support

Work with a recovery coach one-on-one in a
group setting!

family support

join others in learning how to support your loved one in recovery and engage in self-care

Resource Hub

Find recovery resources throughout Orange County and beyond!

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Who We Are

The Purpose of Recovery is a recovery community organization (RCO) in Orange County that serves individuals and families in recovery through peer-to-peer coaching, parent-to-parent support, and a community resource hub. We offer mentoring, group meetings, workshops, training, and volunteer opportunities.

How We Help

Recognized Best Practices: The Purpose of Recovery provides practical services that augment any recovery method or treatment program.

“Peers+” Coaching: We connect participants with peers who have shared experience and know what it takes to sustain long-term recovery.

Holistic Approach: We support recovery in all aspects of life and serve the whole family, addressing the full impact of SUD to restore wellbeing.

Supportive Community: We emphasize community education and awareness to create a destigmatized environment that supports long-term recovery.